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Looser – Just Stop It!

Posted on 18 Aug 2015 in Totally Random | 1 comment

Looser: a person who consistently loses and yet does not know the spelling difference between lose and loose

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A **Fundraising** New F Word

Posted on 17 Aug 2015 in Totally Random | 0 comments

I have a new F word and it is “fundraiser”.  Specifically school fundraiser. Last week my wife and I pick up the girls from preschool and there is a box of candy bars with our name on it.  Attached to the **fundraising** box of candy bars is a **fundraising** letter.  The letter basically says “return […]

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Regarding Your Support of Planned Parenthood

Posted on 15 Aug 2015 in Faith | 8 comments

Recently I came across an article that named 38 organizations that have provided charitable donations to Planned Parenthood. I decided to write all of these organizations and ask them if their inclusion in this list was accurate. I don’t believe in boycotts and stated that my intention in writing was not in an effort to […]

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