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Peter Pascarelli – Fan Art

Posted on June 18, 2009 | 7 comments

In honor of Peter “Mr. Sarcasm” Pascarelli I created these cartoons.  Peter is the cohost of ESPN’s Baseball Today podcast.  There haven’t been any publicly available pictures of him until this week when he provided color commentary on an ESPN broadcast.

Peter is best known for his trademark “I don’t like anybody” catch phrase. It started as an explanation for which Major League Baseball team he roots for but was quickly expanded to encapsulate the entire human race.

I am providing these files free under a creative commons license.  Feel free to use them however you want as long as you aren’t claiming you created them and you aren’t selling them.  If you want to make a T-shirt or sticker out of them, feel free.  If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to do it, try CafePress.com. The EPS and PDF files are what you need for high quality screen printing. Clicking on the image will give you a larger version.

Peter Pascarelli I don't like anybody

EPS File

PDF File

Peter - Sausage

EPS file

PDF file


My caricature was mentioned in the Monday, June 22nd Baseball Today episode. Listen here and go to the 11:30 minute mark. No surprise that Peter didn’t think too highly of my efforts.

Update 10/13/2009
Here’s a picture of some guys who had shirts made.



  1. Ed / June 23rd, 2009 5:19

    Beautiful. You captured him.


  2. Chris / July 10th, 2009 16:30

    Have you sent these to Erik or Pod-Vader? I’m sure they would mention them on the Pod Cast. I’m going to get them a link to here. These are just too perfect.
    Maybe you need one that says, “Uhh, Ya Never Know”


  3. Tim / July 10th, 2009 19:39

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks. Yes, they’ve seen them. If you notice in the update above, it was mentioned on one of the episodes.


  4. Theodore Los Angeles / July 14th, 2009 22:53

    Thank you for the excellent graphic. I’ve been listening to Baseball Today for two years and it is nice to finally see what Mr. Pascarelli looks like. The black and white graphic is excellent.


  5. Fred / August 4th, 2009 18:31

    Great job, but a small correction: “I don’t like anybody” was originally uttered when Peter was asked which team he liked in a particular pennant race last year. I don’t remember which one it was: probably NL West. “I’m really not that interested” is also a classic quote: I find myself using it now quite frequently when I must endure my daily dealings with the many anybodies I don’t like!


  6. Wahoo / September 25th, 2009 22:03

    Good job. Thanks. I love it.


  7. bringbackpeter / September 28th, 2010 2:02

    I can’t believe ESPN freaking fired him for saying what everyone is thinking. ESPN is a joke.


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